Kimberly and Benjamin “Coach” Culbertson are a professional speaking and podcasting duo who work with individuals, teams, and organizations to rehumanize leadership.

Through public speaking at conferences, association events, workshops, and corporate meetings, they inspire and train leaders to break through resistance, increase engagement and productivity, and achieve the results they’ve dreamed about. They also offer individual coaching and team consultation to dig deeper into these topics.



Kimberly helps clients to lead authentically, maximize their teams, and create an empowering culture in order to reach beyond the good to the extraordinary. Decades of leadership experience in publishing, non-profit, and corporate training have taught her a thing or two about how teams function, and these days she’s leveraging that knowledge on behalf of leaders who are looking to release the full power of their teams. She uses tools like Strengthsfinder, Myers-Briggs, and Enneagram to map a team and help them to curate an environment that expresses value, appreciates diversity, and harnesses collective intelligence.

She lights up when she’s holding a paintbrush, enthusiastically pursues the impossible, and is a walking billboard for hope in all its many manifestations. She’s also a bit of a coffee snob, and harbors secret hopes of becoming a barista just to perfect her latte artistry. As mommy to Jack and family-by-choice to Christa, Elli, and Zekie, she’s always on the lookout for ways to move her family toward a life of meaning and adventure.



Coach helps people re-discover their values, create the results they want based on those values, and generally get out of their own way. He's taught tens of thousands of corporate, military, and government IT people around the world, and he's been trained as a clown by a Ringling Bros. veteran—not a combination you can find just anywhere. In Creation Curve Leadership, he combines his vast experience in pragmatic training with his often over-the-top energy to create the “infotainment” style his fans have come to know and love. Creation Curve presentations will both keep you awake and send you home with tangible next steps.

Coach has a deep love for all-night diners, read Tommy Troward’s The Creative Process in the Individual 31 times (at least), and has watched every episode of every Star Trek series with his son Jack (their favorite is Star Trek: The Next Generation with Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean Luc Picard, obviously 😉 ) He also stays up too late talking to Kimberly and often makes eggs at 3am.