Coach and Kimberly are professional speakers

Kimberly and Coach

A Professional Speaking Duo on a Mission to Recharge, Retool, and Rehumanize Leadership


Kimberly and Coach offer
Keynote Talks, Breakout Sessions, Online Events, and can even Emcee your conference or Host your Podcast!

The Podcast

Kimberly and Coach share in-depth Creation Curve principles and interviews with Creation Curve Practitioners


Plan your life by your values
--not the clock! Download your free DIY edition of a values-based planner.

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The Top 3 Secrets To Leading Humans


(One Session Free With Keynote Talk)

How To Write Social Media BiosHow To Lead From Your Values Without Being HokeyCreating Your Leadership Vision

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Virtual Sessions!
Catch Kimberly and Coach for a Lunch N' Learn or a virtual training event! Save dollars, get your people some serious skillz, and have fun! Coach and Kimberly have done virtual work around the world.

Event Host/Emcee Services
Let Coach and Kimberly emcee your event! Keep your audience in tune and energized all the through your conference or corporate event.

Podcast Hosting Services
Need a set of professional conversationalists to host your podcast on a regular basis? Or maybe your host called out sick? Give Coach and Kimberly a holler!

Ready to start the conversation to book Kimberly and Coach? Email them with this nifty form. Make sure to tell them what kind of service you're looking for (keynote, online/virtual event, emcee services, podcast hosting, etc.) They'll contact you ASAP!

The Creation curve leadership podcast

Listen in as Kimberly and Coach interview practioners of people-centric leadership, and share principles that will lead you and your team into action!

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The Creation Curve Compass Planner

Get a FREE printable download of a values based planner!

Kimberly and Benjamin “Coach” Culbertson are a Professional Speaking Duo on a Mission to Recharge, Retool, and Rehumanize Leadership.

Through public speaking at conferences, association events, workshops, and corporate meetings, they inspire and train leaders to break through resistance, increase engagement and productivity, and achieve the results they’ve dreamed about. They also offer individual coaching and team consultation to dig deeper into these topics.